Sónia Dias

A new perspective on health, vitality, nutrition and joy.

— Sofia Nuria

The MorLife Wellness helped me understand my body better, reduce my physical pain and regain my passion for life. It’s a practical approach to vitality for busy people.

— Jason Levi

MorLife re-designs the concept of health for a new generation.

Bruno Lopez


Dear Danah,
Thank you for the wonderful session! I am so happy to come home with more knowledge. It really creates the balance.
I feel more balanced, lighter and energetic. My moods are stable and I feel more efficient when executing tasks at work and even more aware when in conversation with others. For me it’s important to feel light physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Thank you so much for your dedication! I can’t wait until our next session!
Ps. I love the fun sheets!

— Giverny Lowe

Sofia Novais de Paula

I’ve always been a very athletic, eaten healthy and tried just about every diet up to date. But it was only when I started applying Ayurvedic principals to my diet/lifestyle that I began to see immediate and consistent changes in my energy levels, digestion, physical body and general mood. 

It didn’t happen over night. I slowly implemented new tips specific to my constitution (predominantly Kapha). My staple breakfast meal consisted of low-fat yoghurt, fresh organic fruit and granola. All of which (I’ve been told) are healthy foods to start the day -which they are- but not when consumed together! Once I changed my morning routine, I started to feel less heavy and less sluggish throughout the day. I also felt it lightened my depression which is something I’ve struggled with immensely.  

Beyond the obvious eliminations of bad foods, Danah’s program taught me to make simple substitutions to my healthy daily food choices. 

I also began to introduce new foods and spices to help improve and regulate my digestion. UNBELIEVABLY beneficial in helping the metabolism! 

The biggest transformation has been my energy levels and mood swings; I feel lighter throughout the day, content and a lot less lethargic. 

What gave me the best results was understanding food on a micro nutrient level. We are so pushed to focus on the idea of macro nutrients that we completely neglect what’s actually healthy for our bodies to be consuming daily. I was always convinced I had to count calories and that carbs were the ultimate evil. And most packaged foods promoting ‘low calories’ end up doing more harm then good and have very little nutritional value. Danah’s ML program changed my understanding of food in a new way that led to less cravings and feeling great.   

Four months after giving birth to my son I realized I hadn’t lost much weight from my total pregnancy weight gain. My husband and I are very physically active and both eat the same food but I wasn’t losing weight and he was on his way to getting the perfect summer body. That’s when Danah’s ML Program helped me to understand that all body types are different and so I designed a diet specifically for me.

They say “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” and there’s no doubt in my mind that Danah is on her way to doing just that. She expresses her ideas which reshape and inspire us to make positive change in our lives. I think this book is only the beginning.  

Danah’s ML program isn’t just another appointment with a generic nutritionist. Very differently from leaving a consultation with just a list of foods to eat, Danah aims to teach you why certain foods and lifestyle changes will better your life – specifically for you! She will guide you on how you can slowly implement these changes into your daily routine and create complimentary substitutions for your dietary habits. Danah’s MorLife program is a sustainable method. You gain the necessary knowledge on how to be healthier and independently create the diet you need and thrive on!

— Sofia, 29 – Istambul

Danah Mor
Danah & Annabelle

My beautiful friend Danah has written a brilliant book! 

In a time of Covid-19, I have found great solace in improving my immune system here at home and  this book has been a great help. I hope it helps you too.
Danah is passionate about bettering our lifestyle and diet. Her practical, simple and guilt-banishing approach makes this a great handbook to health. She has also made it easy to share with kids.
Her mission is to help re-establish people’s health in hope that they can live disease free.
Thank you Danah for writing a book that helps people.
All my love xx

— Annabelle

Filipa Veiga

I was lucky to have met Danah, she was an angel that came into my life to show me what I had been looking for. Danah’s approach to health and food medicine was Avant guard from what we were exposed to. She suggested I invest in a juicer. Within a few days I couldn’t go without my green juice, however to my surprise my digestion completely improved.  It was magic. 

Today I know my body to the point where I know when something is wrong and I know exactly what to do in each circumstance. If I eat something I know is not necessarily ‘good’ for me, I enjoy its flavor to the last bite, and I know my daily routine brings me back into balance, Danah’s program gave me the tools to be my own food doctor. I also learned that what works for me may not work for someone else and vice-versa. I have learned to celebrate my bio-individuality.  There is a world of ancient wisdom, filled with magic that needs to be adapted to our modern-day life, and Danah does a brilliant job bringing this wisdom into simple, comprehensive and practical tools that give us a real opportunity to cure and prevent disease. Now, I am own health insurance, ensuring my vitality for life. 

— Filipa Veiga